As a Creative Producer

I have been in charge of the creative team and have always coordinated with other producers to provide better results. I have been active in providing necessary support to the Director, Editor, Writers and Music composers to make sure the planned project gets released. I have worked for full-length regional feature films in India, Health awareness Government Documentaries for State Government in India, Short Films, Documentaries, TV Commercials and Music Videos.

I have worked as a Creative Producer and Produced 10 episodes for a YouTube Travel Web series “My Beloved Los Angeles by Niralee Kamdar”.

I am also the Director/Creative Producer of the award-winning art film Musing of the Muse “The Cycle”, Misty Molecules, and Concretion of his Mind.

I have also worked at Reliance Jio Studios (Reliance Industries Ltd.) as a Creative Producer on projects like 11 Minutes, Jump, and Kaash.

My visual art has been exhibited at the renowned CICA Museum, Art Share Gallery and renowned exhibition venues in the US, France, Greece, South Korea, India and at International Film Festivals across the globe.

As a Music Producer

My EP Albums Dhrshta, Oblivion Messages, Dimensionz, Tonal Realm and Rummage For Roots are released worldwide and available on all major streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud and many more. I have also composed background scores for many short films, documentaries and regional feature films. I have also played bass and was a backing vocalist in a Hindi Rock Band back in the days.

As a Writer

My books Sounds of the Inner Golden Opera – An E.J. Gold Quote Collection, Attention and simple techniques to regain it and Ambient Music Composers Guide – Part 1 are available in all major bookstores!

I am also a contributing writer on Living Life Fearless Magazine. My articles also have been published on Medium, Trip101, and Blasting News.