My visual art provides insights and glimpses into unfamiliar and isolated spaces with the aid of images, videos and music. The depth of a particular space in our near vicinity and transits in different spaces are subtle and we tend to pass through them without our active Attention. By showcasing simple objects, passages in the form of doors and windows, I take the viewer through a Bardo zone (in-between lives/moments) and make them experience the importance of Attention which ruminates in their subconscious mind for a long time.

Majority of my work imagery comes from my dreams (subjective unconscious and sometimes collective unconscious).

I showcase these spaces by blending the visuals & unconventional music which I personally compose and produce for my art films.

Also check out my Photography work here.

Note: Password for watching experimental visual art series Musing of the Muse and Misty Molecules available upon request.