Basic Goodness and Hypnotherapy!

C. Trungpa talked about basic goodness. He meant we all have this basic inner goodness. However, over the time we develop layers and layers of tricks and shield ourselves from being open. I guess we fear being embarrassed; we fear the pain; we fear the other; we fear nakedness of the soul. We cannot get along with each other easily. Why? Our pride doesn’t allow. Our vanity doesn’t allow. Why? It fears the rejection. It fears the ridiculousness. It fears being put down. It does not want to feel inferior. It always wants to show the attitude ‘I know’. Other wise it won’t be considered ‘important’ or ‘useful’. The idea that something else or some gimmick or some asset can only make us important or useless is not right. The asset of our being which is our own existence is enough on itself. We do not understand this simple idea in our life because of conditioning by our near and dear ones.

It seems we need a session of Hypnotherapy to uncover this little tricks and shields to live a better life filled with basic goodness! Not the Hypnotherapy which is popular amongst masses of going into a trance and becoming a better person right away. I am talking about a different science. Hypnotherapy is a science a technique. It is a science of relaxing, calming in the moment with the aid of Hypnotherapist so that he can guide you into your inner center and help you to live there. And if he is advanced enough, he will also give you insights into how you can totally and fully live there by yourself without booking another session with him!

If you wish to get in a touch with a Hypnotherapist who can help you with touching your basic goodness, then email for details.

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