Nishit Gajjar Writer

And the eyes opened because of the sudden jerk felt inside. The flight goes through some disturbances because of the heavy rainfall in the city. The tiny water droplets on the windows of the airplane depicted an artist trying to mark the empty canvas with its deeper desire. i.e to recreate. People around were dozing off.

When I looked outside the window, all I found were clouds. Dark and Light. White and Black. The sky above the cloud was clear.  Blue and white. The horizon was yellowish in color. And I felt is there a horizon really? What exactly happens at the horizon? And the words of the not so famous iconoclast Mr. U.G Krishnamurti came in front of me. Not his words actually but what he said to someone who noted it down and published it in a book which in turn I read and stored it in my memory. So that storage of letting us call it ‘Page’ came up in front when I watched the horizon. He said: “There is no horizon really. What happens when you chase the horizon? It goes on and on. There is no end to it.” What I concluded while watching the horizon was that the place or part where the sky and earth merge doesn’t really exist. It is all because of the limiting capability of our mind that it senses and transfers the scene captured by our eyes as a fixed place like a boundary. In reality, our eyes just see the horizon. If the knowledge or conditioning doesn’t interfere that there exists a horizon then really there is no place as where the sky and earth merge and mix. It really is not the case. The world we see is really distorted because of the bad translations by our mind, handed down to us from centuries of conditioning by culture and what not!
After the horizon stuff came up thoughts about my dream! While I was in flight the condition of one of my newest desire was in dilemma!! Why did it happen? Never mind.
Its been raining heavily in the city for past man days. A quote came by: “If life, in the desire for which our essence and existence consists, possessed in itself a positive value and real content, there would be no such thing as boredom: mere existence would fulfill and satisfy us.” 
Worth pondering?

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