Die to your personal history!

It is a shocking realization whenever it dawns on anyone. There are two messages together. The first being ‘Decrease your self-importance’ and second being ‘Die to your personal history’. Both the messages were delivered to me indirectly via numerous sources.

It is a relief. It is helpful. It is long term. It is a process. The power lies in losing unnecessary stuff in the form of memories, habits, attitudes, drives, passion, and desires. Yes, it is a long list. Difficult list. But worth working on.

How to get these messages?

Start with observation. Pause from everything. Look around. Look. See. Hear. Feel. Sense. Stop. Refresh. Observe without judgment. Notice. Witness. Right in front what exists? Now. What exists in Now? Where is the body? Is body in Now or Past or Future? Body is always in Now.

And so forth the tales of an idiot continues…The tales of non-sense…

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