Thoughts on Valentines Day, Daft Punk, Human Type and A Man Called Destruction!

Today is Valentines Day. All across the street and all across the web I see hearts, red color, roses and tons of discounts on all sort of products. It seems a nice gimmick to showcase your earthly love by availing those products.

Back to reality, I visited the library as one of the books which I was chasing for a long time did arrive. It is called Human Types – Essence and the Enneagram written by Susan Zannos. The book provides a comprehensive outlook on the different type of people and their respective psychology. After few years of Self Observation, I have come across a point where I want to get a reference to these things. I have read another great book on a similar topic written by Claudio Naranjo, The Enneagram of Society: Healing the Soul to Heal the World. Albeit it was a marvelous and very insightful read. But the one by Susan Zannos provides a different point of view. I will share the insights about the book after I complete it.

Nishit Gajjar and his books
The three musketeers on Valentines Day!

The other book which I brought from the library is A Man Called Destruction which is a biography on the famous musician Alex Chilton. His story of riches to rags and riches again has been portrayed beautifully in this book written by Holly George-Warren. The last one I brought is Daft Punk – A Trip Inside The Pyramid which is an unofficial biography+revelations about the robot electronic duo Daft Punk from France. I am personally very fascinated and inspired by their outlook and music. I will share my personal reviews about these books as and when I complete them.

While writing this I’m thinking to share insights into the psychology of my own and the world around, observations about life, books I am reading, ideas about musical work that I come across. I plan to update and write regularly over here. However, the question is where is the audience? And for whom should I write?

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